Education Sector Video

Video Production for Schools, Colleges
and Universities

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Sherborne Girls

An end of year, celebratory event video created to celebrate the rich variety of experience and community spirit that is found at Sherborne Girls, an independent boarding school for girls.

Cotham School

A highlights video showcasing content from a virtual open day for Cotham School, using both pre-recorded and live stream video presented by both staff and students.

St Nicholas’s School

This marketing video for St Nicholas’ School is led by a narration from the Head Teacher. Through this we see the conviction that underpins the school’s values and ambitions.

Education Sector Video

Blue Sky has extensive experience in creating video for the education sector, producing impactful promotional, event and fundraising video for many well known schools, colleges and universities. Our clients include Roedean School, University of Oxford, Peak Academy, Sherborne School, University of East Anglia, Cheltenham Ladies’ College and more. As well as distilling your key messages effectively, we will capture your ethos and culture so that it resonates with your audience – inspiring them to learn more about you.

Roedean School

This promotional video for Roedean School was commissioned to showcase the school’s newly refurbished boarding houses and the pupils’ enthusiastic response.

Dean Close St John’s

A prep school promotional video capturing an ethos of free exploration and hands on learning, enriched by engagement with nature and the outdoors.

University of Bristol

A post-graduate research promotional video communicating the essence and potential benefit of a robotics research project to the wider public.