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Shot at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London – this event marketing video targets the customers of Volo, a major eCommerce platform provider.


Created to feature on the new Livespace website, this video instantly captures interest and generates customer excitement around Livespace digital signage products.

Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs is a rapidly growing Bristol based, innovative tech company providing the world’s first gamified cyber security training platform.

Tech Sector Video

At Blue Sky we know that the technology sector requires a particular ‘mindset’ when it comes to making video. Achieving a balance between goal driven practicalities and creativity is key. We never forget how tough this sector can be and strive to stay in touch with your audience’s viewpoint and your ‘bottom line’. From this foundation we create video that gets results.


Freemius came to us requiring a video that would ring true with their B2B audience and be effective in conveying the value of their WordPress theme and plugin sales management platform.

Cristie Data

This tech sector promotional video was produced to convey the excellent customer relationships that have been fostered by Cristie Data, backed up by client testimonial from key team members.

SCB Global

This video introduces SCB Global’s philosophy in the fast moving world of digital communication. SCB Global is a provider of business data and telecoms solutions.