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Promotional Video Production Splash Scrren
When your location is an asset to your brand or a sweeping landscape shot would add grandeur to your story, then some ‘wow-factor’ aerial footage is …

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Online Advert Video
This business advertising video for Hazlewoods Accountants uses humour and domestic scenarios to speak to the real-world issues facing …

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A promotional video for the inspiring sculptor Jill Berelowitz. This film was commissioned to promote Jill’s contribution to Steven Spielberg’s …

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Staff Induction Video
Induction through video is an ideal way to ensure consistency of message for all new recruits and an opportunity to bring to life all parts of …

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At Blue Sky we produce corporate video for all organisations, including business, charity, government and education sectors. With offices in Cheltenham and London, we operate across the UK and Europe, inspiring audiences with stunning videos that create impact and get results.

To see our corporate video production work, visit the – Blue Sky Portfolio , Find us on Google+ or explore our Corporate Video Examples page.

Corporate Video in 24 Formats

Which one is for you?

See 24 Video Formats

There are a host of different approaches to choose from when it comes to producing your video and exploring some possibilities is a good place to start. Take a look at our video formats gallery to fuel your early planning and team discussions.

And remember – this gallery is just a selection, so please get in touch for further ideas.

See our client testimonials to find out what it's like to work with Blue Sky

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Why Choose Us?

At Blue Sky we produce high-end quality video – crafted and polished, to look and sound fantastic. This means we may not always be the cheapest, but you will have a video to be proud of. Cheap and cheerful video has its place, but there are many compelling reasons why clients come to us for something better.

High quality corporate video matters when:

  • your product is high-end – your video needs to reflect this 100%
  • you need your audience to really believe you – a mediocre look and feel just won’t convince
  • you want your audience to be emotionally engaged – captivating sound and images are key
  • you’re filming VIPs and special occasions – no second chances, it has to be right first time

To discuss ideas for your corporate video production requirements, please contact us on –, Cheltenham 01242 506422 or London 0207 078 7452

Blue Sky has a strong reputation for dealing with complex or sensitive subjects – having the intellect, wisdom and insight to prioritise and distil your messages effectively. We make complicated topics accessible to wider audiences, using a range of techniques and approaches. We know when to be subtle and when to be bold, making sure that you’re completely understood.

Our experience of complex corporate video production projects include:

  • highly technical subjects involving IT, engineering and industrial processes
  • emotionally and culturally sensitive fields – such as foster care, dementia and hospice care
  • intellectually rigorous topics – including work with the University of Oxford and academic publishers
  • corporate video production in foreign languages

To discuss ideas for your corporate video production requirements, please contact us on –, Cheltenham 01242 506422 or London 0207 078 7452

Far beyond the actual production of your corporate video, we will work with you to ensure the best return on your investment. This means we will help you:

  • make sure your video strengthens your wider goals and strategy
  • produce video that will complement your other communications channels
  • get your website video to rank highly in Google
  • make the most of YouTube and avoid its pitfalls
  • make sure that large audience screenings go smoothly
  • adapt your video to hook interest across social media

To discuss ideas for your corporate video production requirements, please contact us on –, Cheltenham 01242 506422 or London 0207 078 7452

Established in 2000, we’ve been tried and tested over 16 years, producing over 1000 corporate videos for more than 100 clients. This means that you can be confident we –

  • will deliver on time
  • will deliver within budget
  • will listen to you carefully and take the time to fully understand your needs
  • have a raft of expertise to solve a host of challenges – we’ve more than likely been there before
  • can see the bigger picture and will ensure your video is strategically effective

To discuss ideas for your corporate video production requirements, please contact us on –, Cheltenham 01242 506422 or London 0207 078 7452

Capital Campaign Video Production
Fundraising for a capital campaign often means you need to get your audience excited about something that doesn’t exist yet. Inspiration and emotional engagement is vital to get everyone on board with your vision. See how Blue Sky used a range of creative solutions to answer a capital campaign brief for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust…

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Promotional Video for Schools
Roedean School is a leading independent day and boarding school for girls aged 11 – 18. Shot in Brighton, Sussex, this promotional video showcases the beautiful refurbishment of Roedean’s boarding houses. As can be seen by this colourful and inviting video, any notion of austere accommodation in English boarding …

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B2B Marketing Video
In this B2B marketing video, we discover how the technology behind McAuliffe’s brown field site preparation services brings benefits to their construction industry clients. Combining a choice of powerful music and robust explanations from both management and employees on the ground, McAuliffe…

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