Fundraising Video Production

Share the Passion and Inspire Your Audience

Cheltenham Ladies College

This video was commissioned by Cheltenham Ladies’ College to help drive their fundraising campaign for a new multi-million pound Health and Fitness Centre.

Dorothy House Hospice

For this fundraising video, we set out to illustrate the pressing needs that hospice care addresses and the positive difference it makes to entire families and communities.

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

This headline video for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust was created to explain the value in the trust’s work and to enrich discussions with potential major donors.

Fundraising Video Production

In a world where everyone is competing to shout louder, it’s essential to cut through the noise for your fundraising appeal to be heard and embraced by your audience. And that means presenting a compelling case with the emotional impact that can be conveyed in a powerful video. Blue Sky brings extensive experience to fundraising video production having helped numerous clients raise millions of pounds through successful campaigns.

Friday Beer

When Friday Beer needed to take their thriving small brewery to next the level, this crowdfunding video was instrumental in successfully raising further investment.

Sherborne Girls

Sherborne Girls in Dorset commissioned this video to help drive support and maintain momentum in the latter stages of their successful capital campaign to build a new Arts Centre.

Bladder Health UK

Bladder Health UK is a lifeline healthcare charity, providing support, companionship and up-to-date expert medical information to sufferers of bladder problems.