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How to manage a video shoot dayVideo Production

Have a Great Shoot Day

As a client, your role in the video production process doesn’t end once you’ve hired a professional team. In fact, your involvement is crucial to ensuring smooth and successful shoot days. At Blue Sky, we’ve seen first-hand how a few…
Judith Seegers
9 June 2024
Choosing A Video Production CompanyVideo Production

How to Choose A Video Production Company

Whether you’re a Marketing Director aiming to launch a new product, an HR Director enhancing recruitment efforts, or a Business Development Director looking to attract new clients, video production is a vital component of your communications strategy. However, choosing the…
Richard Bratton
22 May 2024
B Roll in Video ProductionVideo Production

What Is B Roll?

The term "B-roll" often crops up when we’re talking to clients about creating captivating video. But what exactly is B-roll, and why is it so important in the filmmaking process? Let's dive into the secrets of B-roll and uncover its…
Richard Bratton
13 February 2024