What we do

Video production from script to screen

Market Research

Understanding Your Market

Clients receive a full market appraisal - involving a competitor audit, customer profiling and market positioning. It means we truly understand you and your market, can make films that connect with your audience and create clear space between you and your competitors.

Concept  Development

Creating Fresh Ideas

So - what's the best way to connect with your audience: voiceover, presentation, autocue, animation, CGI? Our role is to explore all options within your budget and present you with fresh ideas that will have impact and deliver your business aims.


Making You Look and Sound Great

We do all the groundwork for filming - this means organising people, props, places and permissions. So when it comes to filming - with the right kit and the right crew - you can be sure the only surprises on the day will be good surprises.


Creating that Magical Blend

A good editor is like a Michelin star chef. By bringing together the finest ingredients of imagery, motion graphics, voice and music, our post-production skills create films that excite, inspire and make a lasting impression on your audience.


Optimising for Your Audience

We deliver video content for websites, social Media, broadcast, installations and live events. From hand-held portrait to widescreen cinema, we optimise your video to suit your audience whatever the viewing occasion.


Measuring Success

Most of our clients stay with us for many years - and if you choose to work with us, we will continually evaluate your market and explore new ways to maximise your investment with refreshed creative approaches and strategies.

Blue Sky Clients

Just a few of our happy clients. There are many more to browse in our work portfolio.