Creator of quality films and thinker of fresh ideas

Established for over 20 years, our clients choose us as carefully as we choose them – and this makes for long lasting partnerships based on mutual respect, trust and understanding.

Combining the strength and resources of a large film company with the speed and agility of a small independent, our portfolio encompasses TV ads, product launches, live events, documentary and social media campaigns.

Organic Farm Video

Why do we make films?

21 Years of Film Making


Simply put, we can’t think of anything else we’d rather do! 

And we love it – nothing compares.

It may sound crazy but we really do look forward to Mondays.

We only work with on projects that truly excite us about and outcomes that we are passionate about.

So if we’re working with you – you will know absolutely, that we are 100% totally committed to your job.

The Way We Work

You may come to us with the start of an idea, a complete idea or no idea at all.

Either way, our role is to develop your project from script to screen – on time, on budget and exceeding your expectations.

We are a production company not an agency, so the people you talk to have built their careers scriptwriting, camera operating, editing and directing.

And it means we get to the heart of the matter quickly, developing realistic concepts and creative ideas that will inspire your audience and drive your business forward.






Blue Sky Film & Media 

As one of UK’s foremost video production agencies, we have produced well over 3000 videos during our 21 years in business. We have worked in broadcast and corporate in that time, producing high-impact video designed to wow audiences around the globe.

Whether an online campaign, live event recording, branded content or fundraising, our aim is to create films that truly deliver results for our clients. Our track record speaks for itself: on average, clients return at least 10 times to commission more work, and many clients have been with us for 10 years or more. So it’s great to see their business thrive, as well as ours over the years.