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Drone Video Production

Aerial Filming and Photography

Drone Video Production

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We are a trusted, full-service video production company providing in-house CAA qualified drone video filming. Drone video footage can take your video to the next level, producing stunning shots and a visionary perspective that will captivate your audience. Aerial photography and filming can also be used for practical survey purposes, giving detailed visual information that can’t be obtained at ground level. Used in both informational and promotional videos, we integrate drone footage to add further impact to your story.

Videos Enhanced by Drone Footage

CCA Event

This event marketing video is enriched with several drone shots that highlight the impressive location of Standbrook Abbey, Worcestershire (Drone footage appears at 00:35, 00:41, 00:47 and 01:45 ).

Rushall Organics

A video for Rushall Organics enhanced by drone shots that highlight the natural beauty of the landscape at Rushall in Wiltshire. (Drone footage at 00:02, 01:20, 01:37, 03:03, 03:20 and 03:28)

Wilson Tool International

This corporate video for Wilson Tool International uses drone footage to showcase the company’s substantial manufacturing plant and offices. (Drone footage from 00:00)

Sherborne Girls

A school end-of-year celebration video, including drone footage of a D of E expedition and CCF training camp. (Drone footage starts at 01:34 and at 02:13).

Destination Promo

The Welsh town of Tenby enjoys stunning beaches and a rich history. Shot entirely from the air, this promo video is a charming teaser to encourage potential visitors to find out more.

Dean Close St John’s

A prep school promotional video using drone footage to convey the beauty and spaciousness of the location in which the school stands. (Drone footage at 00:50 and 01:56)