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Healthcare & Medical Video

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Healthcare and Medical Video

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Filming in health and care locations can present its own set of challenges, requiring both sensitivity and practical adaptability. We are very comfortable working in this field and one of our media producers is a former medical professional which allows us to home in on salient issues with ease.  We’ll work with you closely to plan your video production thoughtfully, while covering all your key messages in a way that is both clear and comforting to your audience.
We enjoy applying ourselves to the challenges of the medical profession, and are always happy to talk through new ideas. Call us today for a confidential, no-obligation chat.

Elderly Care Video

This internal comms video outlines the purpose, financial principles and ethics of an elderly care charity. The video is aimed at current staff and new recruits.

School Well-being Video

This video was created to celebrate the well-being programme at Sherborne Girls school. The imagery includes highlights from the school’s Press Pause Day.

Care Recruitment

This  care charity recruitment video sets out to communicate the rewards of working for the Somerset charity Discovery, a care provider for those with learning disabilities and autism.


Created for Seetec, this video presents a newly refurbished residential unit in Bristol, designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for women leaving the criminal justice system.

Foster Care Video

This brand launch video was created for Polaris – formerly Core Assets – a leading provider of children’s foster care services within the UK.

Medical Charity

This promotional film is aimed at both medical professionals and the general public, and explains in broad terms the advantages that Cobalt brings to the NHS and its patients.