Vintage Watch Video – Marketing Video Production

Ben Wright Vintage Watches deals in valuable collectable watches made by the highest quality watch makers, such as Omega, Heuer, Tudor, Patek Philippe and Rolex. Ben Wright spent 15 years running the watch and clock department at Christie’s auction house and is an expert in his field. Occasionally, he can also be spotted advising on watches and clocks on the BBC’s Antiques Road Show. For anyone interested in buying or selling vintage watches, Ben is an experienced and knowledgable ally providing a highly personal service. His explanations of  fascinating details in the watches mean that in his company one cannot fail to enjoy his enthusiasm for the subject. Consequently, when we were approached to make an introductory video for his website homepage, we chose to focus on Ben himself, capturing an authentic and engaging presentation of Ben, leaving an audience feeling ready to make contact with him in person.

Ben Wright Vintage Watches – Marketing Video