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Marketing Video Production

The consumption of commercial video continues to rise rapidly, across almost all types of audiences and markets, so a strong online video presence is essential. The next question is – what sort of marketing video should I go for? There is a vast array of options here: explainer videos, voice-over or interview, CGI, professional presenter or real world voices, product demo, virtual tour video, scripted or not-scripted, a studio or on-location setting. These are just a few of the possibilities, but making the right choice for your organisation is key to engaging your audience and getting a return on your video investment.

At Blue Sky, we will listen to your needs, spend time understanding your products, services and customers, and from there we will guide you in choosing the right form of video for your objectives. No fads or fashions, just for the sake of it – but a style, format and concept that will fit your brand and the messages you need to convey.

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There are a host of different approaches to choose from when it comes to producing your video and exploring some possibilities is a good place to start. Take a look at our video formats gallery to fuel your early planning and team discussions.

And remember – this gallery is just a selection, so please get in touch for further ideas.

What is Your Purpose?

Video for marketing campaigns comes in many forms and has a wide range of objectives. At Blue Sky we have extensive experience in successfully producing video for a host of marketing scenarios. Click below to see examples :