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Martin Hughes – CEO

My job is to run the charity on a day to day basis with my colleagues and to make

sure that we achieve our five-year strategic plan.

We provide a safe stable home for life, so when a resident comes

to live with us – we’re a charity, we’re not in it for the money. We’re in care for the right reasons, which is not for profit.

We give the families and everyone that lives with us that stability. When we say a home for

Life, we mean irrespective of their financial circumstances they will always live with us and that home for life also applies to everyone that works with us.

We make a surplus not a profit. That surplus is there to be reinvested into the charity, the buildings, the facilities, better food and we always make sure that irrespective of somebody’s financial circumstances they will always live with Lillian Faithful Homes.

Suzanne Booker – Director of Care

None of the staff knows what anyone pays to live here, because it’s really important to keep that private. So there is never a compromise. Everyone is treated in the same way.

Not everybody can afford to pay the high fees, but we make sure that we find avenues for them to be able to live with us.

Part of my role is to make sure that we’re always compliant with CPC, because we need to have the right standards – so my role is to make sure that all the homes run to a good standard – and we like all the homes to have a good rating.

We want to look after them in a holistic way. Everything we do is about them. We understand what they like, what they don’t like, what routines they like – so we try to tailor everyone’s care to them personally.

Martin Hughes

We have a board of eleven trustees. They’re all experts in their own field, so they give us a very broad spectrum of advice and guidance.

Gill Pyatt – Chair of Trustees

The trustees are a group of people, who are given the duty of looking after the ethical, moral and financial responsibilities of an organisation.

We try to execute that through the principles that Lillian Faithful laid down in 1946.

We have a wide range of skills between us. We contribute to a board meeting five times a year. We plan financially. We plan structurally for the buildings. We plan changes. We look at new property if required, so we’re always here and anybody can talk to any of us at any time or contact us at any time.

Martin Hughes

Our trustees want to give something back to society and by having them as unpaid volunteers, they don’t have a financial interest in the charity, so they’re able to think objectively and always act in the best interests as our founder would have wished.

Part of our strategic aim was to expand our breadth of care in the county of Gloucestershire, just as our founder would have wished.

We are delighted to welcome all the residents, families and staff at Resthaven, which is based in Pitchcombe, in Stroud. It’ll mean that Lillian Faithful, for the first time, will take a step out of Cheltenham. It’ll mean that our brand and the way we deliver care will become much more well known in the county. It will give great opportunities for the people outside Cheltenham to experience what Lillian Faithful care really means.

For the last five years we have put up our care teams’ salaries. Five years on the trot and our aim is that we carry on doing that. The charity does have a strategic plan. We know what we want to do as a charity. We do want to grow carefully and prudently. We want to continually invest. There are challenges but actually Lillian Faithful is a very strong and stable place to live and work.

I feel very privileged to be chief executive of this charity. I feel very very lucky. What motivates me every day is the incredible people I work with. I feel very, very lucky to work with the teams that I do.

I know how difficult it is to work in care. I know how challenging that can be. We could not achieve what we have achieved as a charity without our amazing and dedicated staff, and I would like to thank each and every one of them.

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