Internal Communications Video Production

When your aim is to make sure that all your team sit up, take notice and remember the messages that are vital to your organisation, then the written word may fail to cut it. If your communications are more than a couple of bullet points, complex or presenting change, not everyone will be motivated enough to digest your emails and documents – no matter how carefully crafted your copy is. Some will diligently read everything you send them, but many won’t – overwhelmed with busy schedules, competing priorities.

Likewise, there are practical difficulties when communicating through face to face meetings – busy diaries and the need to keep everyone up to date at the same time can be a logistical challenge. At worse, this can lead to a patchy release of information that can divide your teams.

The digital release of video can happen almost instantaneously across an organisation, ensuring consistent and synchronised understanding for all. A well-crafted video is a compelling medium that will embed your messaging in the hearts and minds of your audience. Clearly, a vital resource for internal comms objectives.

The Blue Sky team has produced internal communications video for a wide variety of clients including BASF, Lillian Faithful Homes, Ecclesiastical Insurance and Hazlewoods. We are also experienced in creating an extensive range of video formats, selecting the best concepts for your internal comms goals. These can include explainer videos, training demonstrations, creative and inspiring value driven films, talking head presentations and celebratory event highlight video.

On occasion, internal communications can be highly sensitive with far reaching impact for individuals and departments. Our video production team is well practiced in dealing with such issues and have developed the skill to gain a rapid insight into each client’s context. We pride ourselves in exercising the necessary thoughtfulness and attention to detail that is required.

Internal Comms Video Examples

Internal Comms Video
Internal Comms Video for the charity sector
Accountants Internal Communications Video
Internal Communications Video