Explainer Video Production

Your audience is often in a hurry – and if you don’t provide them with essential information fast, you’re likely to lose them. This is where an explainer video can save the day. Explainer videos communicate vital information quickly and in a way that is memorable, crystal clear and succinct. Typically, this might cover the ‘Who, what, where, why’ of what you do or the fundamentals of how your product or service works. You can counteract misconceptions with an explainer video – a common problem in a world of online reviewers you have no control over.

More broadly, explainer videos can be produced in modules, reducing complex topics into digestible chunks that will be more inviting to your audience. This can relieve the burden of work on customer support and HR teams, as well as help build an online following when released in stages over time. Explainer videos lend themselves to addressing questions with ‘How?’, ‘What?’ or ‘Why?’ themes, which are popular as Google search terms. This means an explainer video can increase your video search rankings and making you more discoverable online.

Explainer videos come in a variety of formats – they can be live action or animated, and even purely reliant on imagery – a useful approach where a language barrier is an issue.  From good old fashioned – ‘before and after’ concepts right through to imaginative animations or human stories, an explainer video is a powerful format for all organisations in achieving their goals.

Explainer Video Examples