Investor Relations Video Production

Whether its enhancing shareholder loyalty or securing new shareholders, video is now a vital aspect of IR communications channels. Although the facts and messaging in your publications are vitally important, video creates credibility and trust in a way that other mediums can’t.

Video conveys convincing evidence of your organisation’s capacity, culture and resilience in just a few minutes. This means your investors don’t have to travel the world visiting factories, offices, research departments and distribution centres to get the assurances they need.

This investor relations video, produced for Bovis Homes, presents an annual review summarising the robust business performance of the company. To make the company’s strengths and processes more tangible, this video was first shown at an event for city analysts and investors considering investment in Bovis Homes.

Bovis Homes – Investor Relations Video

Corporate Video Examples

There are a host of different approaches to choose from when it comes to producing your video and exploring some possibilities is a good place to start. Take a look at our video formats gallery to fuel your early planning and team discussions.

And remember – this gallery is just a selection, so please get in touch for further ideas.

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