Project Description

IP Expo Europe

Exhibition Video Production

One of a series of IT shows, this video promotes the IP Expo Europe event, London – the largest, most established event of its type in Europe. Marketing films for this were made ahead of the show, during the show and after the show for a complete suite of promotional communications. The other events running alongside – the Data Centre Expo and Cyber Security Expo, also had their own promotional videos as part of a broader brand-event marketing strategy.


Location: London

Client: IP Expo Europe


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Duncan Kirk, COO, Imago Techmedia

Welcome to IP EXPO Europe 2014. We’ve got a host of exhibitors here, from the whole of the enterprise IT community, as well as some fantastic content.

2 Days

3 Co-located Events

284 Exhibitions

13,400 Visitors

Jessica Twentyman, Consulting Editor, IP EXPO Europe

We’ve got three shows here. We’ve got IP EXPO, we’ve got CYBER SECURITY EXPO and we’ve got DATA CENTRE EXPO. So basically, we’re talking one venue, all these technologies in one place – a great place to come for answers.

Laurence James – UK Products, Alliances and Solutions Marketing Manager, NetApp

I can’t remember how many years I’ve been coming to this show. I have to say I’ve really enjoyed this year. It’s a great venue. Everything is here.

IP EXPO Europe Visitor

It’s the best idea to actually get everyone under the same roof – all the new technologies.

IP EXPO Europe Exhibitors

So a lot of people are talking about Cloud.

One Cloud service does not fit all.

Laurence James

Lots of customers coming here and asking questions specifically around how they are building their cloud models – those sorts of questions, and also what happens with their data. That’s the big question a lot of them have got.

Mark Lewis – Senior Marketing Director EMEA, Cloudera

Big data is a big buzz word. Why is it a buzz word ? – because more people are talking about it than are doing it.

IP EXPO Europe Exhibitor

Another big trend is around enterprise mobility. 60% of workers in a typical organisation will do some work in a mobile situation.

IP EXPO Europe Exhibitor

This is the Surface Pro 3 and we designed this to be the tablet that can replace your laptop.

Jessica Twentyman

Mobile, social, security, data centre infrastructure, efficient IT – they will be massive issues in the year ahead.

IP EXPO Europe Visitors

We tend to come all the time – just getting an insight as to the new technologies out there and see if we can take any of them on board – you know.

We’ve got a number of challenges within our business that we need to address, so that’s primarily why we are here. Really it’s solution finding.

Today has been all about security, so there have been a couple of lectures that have been very interesting.

I’ve met some really great people. Heard a couple of really great talks.

The IT industry is moving so rapidly now that you have to keep with it.

It’s busier here, than anywhere else, so if you wanted to discover where the future is going rather than where IT is or was, this is definitely the event for you.

I’d love to come back to IP EXPO again.

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