Sherborne Girls Video Collection

Blue Sky Film & Media has been working with Sherborne Girls since 2011 and has enjoyed a close collaborative relationship with the school’s marketing and development teams. In that time the school has seen a major increase in pupil numbers and has achieved key fundraising targets.

Drawing on an extensive library of footage with a deep understanding of the school community, we have created many films that portray the rich and diverse experience at Sherborne Girls.

Commemoration 2017 & 2018

Commemoration 2017

Commemoration 2018

2017 Video Campaign

The 2017 video campaign addressed several communications requirements concurrently.

Firstly, the school sought to use video in support of their multi-channel marketing strategy, focussing on five themes: Leadership, Culture of Ambition, Community, Boarding Life and 21st Century Women. This series was released in phases over the academic year, to help maintain audience engagement through on-going marketing messaging.

Secondly, the school required a powerful and uplifting video to be screened at the end of year commemoration event, during which the whole school community gather together to celebrate the life of the school – past, present and future.

Thirdly, as footage for the specific themes was acquired, we were able to create an inspiring headline marketing video. This was designed to excite and motivate families at the early stages of the marketing funnel and complement the more explanatory videos based on the five pillars.

Headline Introduction – Marketing Video

21st Century Women

Culture of Ambition




Commemoration Edit 2017

Performing Arts Centre Campaign Video

Sherborne Girls new arts centre project is the most ambitious fundraising mission the school has ever embarked upon.

The goal was to build an inspiring new space at the heart of the school to bring together the vibrant music, art and drama departments where new challenges and standards can be realised. The building will also provide a spacious and adaptable meeting space for social, celebratory and creative events, benefiting the whole school and the wider community.

As of summer 2018 the building is well under way to completion with 80% of the finance having been raised.

Version 1

Including an explanation of the pressing need for the arts centre and early artist impressions of the new building.

Version 2

Including expanded messaging from the Head on the benefits of the new arts centre and an architectural model.

Version 3

Including fly-through architectural Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) bringing the vision of the new building to life.

What Is Your Purpose?

There are numerous ways that video can bring positive results for your organisation and defining the right purpose and audience is key to success. Blue Sky has an extensive track record in shaping corporate video for all manner of objectives and we offer strategic advice to help you maximise your gains. Today corporate video encompass a wide variety formats including: