Polesaver Video Collection

The Polesaver sleeves are an ingenious product designed to extend the life of wooden poles and posts. Without a Postsaver or Polesaver composite sleeve, posts and poles will typically rot and fail at the point where the post enters the ground. When this happens the rest of the post is usually still perfectly intact.

For 25 years Polesaver and Postsaver have been solving this problem with a sleeve that protects the vulnerable section of posts and poles. Millions of sleeves have been sold in over 50 countries to date.

The challenge, therefore, was to create a series of 12 promotional and training videos that would explain the concept clearly to an international audience without use of either voice-over or written word – and with a touch of humour for social media promotion.

Polesaver Promotional Video

Postsaver Promotional Video

Sleeved Pole Handling Demonstration Video

Batch Sleeve Application Demonstration Video

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