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Last year at Sixth Form. I started getting lots of frequency – going to the toilet a lot, lots of pain – so I went to the doctors.

They didn’t really know what was going on. I’m only 17 like. It’s probably just an infection. It’s nothing – so I went on antibiotics.

It wasn’t happening. It was going on. Months were going past.

The symptoms are getting worse. I was in a lot of pain.

Essentially we got to a diagnosis of exclusion, which is what I have – which is interstitial cystitis.

Exercise is the best to be honest. It’s not just cycling – anything, running. Just any form of exercise I find helps a lot in terms of controlling your bladder – so that even though I do go more than the average person – it’s from when I first got diagnosed – it’s a lot less than when I first got diagnosed.

I guess for a guy going to Uni the biggest thing is I don’t drink.

You don’t have to cut it out completely, but it would be ideal to. You know I might have one maybe every few months.

So from a social setting – I’m from a little village in the middle of nowhere. The only thing the people do is go down to the pub on a Friday night, so it does make a social side quite difficult.

The lowest point was the loneliness and feeling like I’m on my own and “will it ever get better?” and like I said it has like, over the last few years I’ve definitely coped a lot better and I’m more positive about it. There’s worse people off than me.

It’s better to do things like fundraising. There’s a way to combat it and get something positive out.

Coping for me is essentially living a normal life, so being able to go out with my friends, being able to go to university, being able to exercise.

It’s never perfect but a thousand times better than it was even a year ago, two, three years ago – a million times better. You know amazing.

I have all the ambitions everyone else wants. I want to get a good job, nice house. I’d like to live abroad at some point – all these sorts of things – I’d like to travel. Everything that everyone else wants.

Also just to have a job now I feel so much more positive and in a better situation.

I feel that I can do anything. I can do anything that anyone else can do

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