ALFA Tape Video

ALFA Tape – Product Demonstration Video

A B2B marketing product demonstration video for ALFA Compression Tape, including a demonstration of the speed and effectiveness of ALFA tape for fixing plumbing leaks, even where the water hasn’t been turned off. The demonstration is to a live audience of plumbers and construction workers, showing clearly how experienced trades people are impressed by this product.

Client: ALFA Compression Tape

Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

[ppmaccordion][ppmtoggle title=”Read Video Transcript”]Roger Bisby – Editor Builder Magazine: Have you ever seen a leak like this? Well, if you’re in the building industry I bet you have and how long is going to take for you to repair it? 10 minutes? 20 minutes? Half an hour? And of course that depends on whether you can get the parts and turn the water off – and if you can’t turn the water off and you can’t turn the water off, what are you going to do?

Well, if I tell you that I can repair this leak in just 90 seconds, you probably wouldn’t believe it – and I didn’t believe it, until they showed me ALFA tape. ALFA tape is a new silicon tape that is an advanced polymer. It isn’t sticky, but if you press it together you’ll find that it just doesn’t want to come apart – it just loves each other, and that is the basis on which this tape works.

So, on a leak like this, if I take a length of ALFA tape and place it on the pipe, just to one side of the leak – and the important thing here, is that I put tension on the tape. I pull it really hard. This tape will stretch to three times its original length, and in stretching around that pipe I’m producing compression on that pipe. I’m keeping the tension on all the time as I wrap this tape around, overlapping on this white line, to make sure that I cover the pipe all the way. And although it’s at a very high pressure indeed, when the tape goes around the pipe it closes the leak off and you can see that I’m not panicking. I’ve got the whole thing under control.

The tape is doing the job and I’m going to go back the way I came, doubling up, keeping that tension on the tape all the time. I can’t emphasise enough that that’s the key to it. We’re building in this compression and it’s going to last for years. Even though the pump is kicking in again and raising that pressure up to 11 bar the ALFA tape has got it covered. We’ve won the battle.

And at that point, some plumbers would go off and have a cup of tea, but not me, because I’m a belt and braces man. You probably are yourself. So what I’m going to do is cover it with another piece of ALFA tape. In the same way, same procedure, starting at once side, wrapping the tape around, keeping the pressure on it. This time I’m going to show you the white line. I’m going to keep it running around the pipe, at exactly that place, so you can see the white line. I still know I’ve overlapped it by fifty per cent that way and I’m wrapping around, following back exactly the way I came. A couple of turns around the end there and back to where I came from and that tape is just doubling up on the job.

It will work on hot and cold water. It will work on mains water. It’s even been used in the electrical industry for sealing off electrical cables, to stop water getting in, so it’s a tried and tested product. It’s knitting itself together there and at that point the leak is absolutely covered – but I’m going to put one more piece of tape on. And this piece of tape is really just there to protect against mechanical damage and that’s abrasions or anybody knocking into the tape to damage it – that kind of thing. So I don’t bother putting any tension on this piece of tape. All I’m doing with this is just wrapping it neatly around the joint there, building up a mass if you like, but it’s not doing any significant sealing. It’s literally just giving it a bit of protection, into the middle, wrapped up and that’s the job done.

That’s 11 bar of mains pressure don’t forget and it’s holding. That’s more than you’re going to get in any situation and most plumbing fittings are only rated to 12 bar. So that really is a good repair. Now, you might be a bit sceptical. You might be thinking there’s some kind of trick here. That there’s somebody behind the scenes here, turning that pump off to relieve the pressure. So just to proove that it’s still there, I’m going to cut this tape and show you that there’s no trick.

What do you think Tony?

Tony: Unbelievable

Roger: First time? Never seen anything like that before?

Tony: Never seen it. I wouldn’t have believed you could have done it with tape

Spectator 1: Impressed. It actually works. You get quite a few products that people show. They say ‘these are great’, but they don’t always work as they should do, but that – I’ve seen it working.

Spectator 2: You get called out in the middle of the night. 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. You’ve got a leak. You don’t want to be messing around and it’s just an excellent product. Brilliant. Absolutely fantastic.

Spectator 3: I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to do with tape. I would have expected to have to do a solder repair on a thing like that, but that was very impressive.

Spectator 4: That fact that you can wrap some tape around and the job’s done. fantastic.

Roger: So, before you come face to face with a leak like this make sure you are ready with a pack of ALFA tape or if leaks are a regular part of your life, why not get yourself a whole box.