Video for Business

Blue Sky Film & Media is a corporate video production company with wide experience in the business sector. From sole trader operations, through to large global corporations, we’ve been making video for businesses for over 17 years.  

This means we bring extensive experience to every business project, knowing what works and what doesn’t for your bottom line. Whether it’s marketing, recruiting, training or attracting investors, we create high-impact video to achieve your goals.

What Is Your Purpose?

There are numerous ways that video can bring positive results for your organisation and defining the right purpose and audience is key to success. Blue Sky has an extensive track record in shaping corporate video for all manner of objectives and we offer strategic advice to help you maximise your gains. Today corporate video encompass a wide variety formats including:

  • B2C Marketing

  • B2B Marketing

  • Explainer Video

  • Trade Show Video

  • Online Advertising

  • Pitch Video

  • Investor Relations

  • Internal Communications

  • Induction Video

  • Recruitment Video

  • Conference Video

  • Product Demonstration