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Although a lot of energy, creativity, skill and collaboration go into producing a great new corporate video, the day of its release is really just the beginning.

Just as with the launch of a new website or the birth of a child, we expect you to be thrilled with your new video, but some careful nurturing and wise choices will need to be applied for it to fulfil its maximum potential as it goes out into the world.

To make sure your video reaches your audiences and serves your goals, it’s important to think through your video distribution goals.

Identifying Video Distribution Goals

To identify your video distribution goals you will need to think about your organisation’s broader strategy and how you would like your video to contribute towards its targets.

For example, you might want video to play a role in increasing sales, donations or registrations; or you might be aiming for a reduction in customer support time, complaints or staff training time.

Your video distribution goals will include some of the following –

Identity Goals

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Establishing trust and confidence with your audience
  • Positioning a product or service as a high-end, high quality offering
  • Positioning your offering as easy to use
  • Differentiating yourself from competitors
  • Establishing or protecting a particular reputation
  • Engendering pride, unity and enthusiasm among your team

Website Activity Goals

  • Increasing traffic to your website through high search engine rankings and click through rate (CTR)
  • increased enquiries from your website
  • increased sales or donations on your website
  • increased capture of contact details
  • social sharing of your website video

Information Goals

  • Increasing awareness and understanding of an issue
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of a field sales team in face-to-face negotiations.
  • Explaining the benefits of a product or service
  • Making sure your team echoes the same accurate information
  • Providing customer support for a product or service
  • Enhancing staff training

Revenue Goals

  • Generating revenue from paid for viewings of your video
  • Generating revenue from advertising revenue from viewings of your video

Of course, several goals can be addressed at the same time, but for the best results your goals need to be prioritized and tactical decisions made with the most important goals firmly in mind.

Video Distribution Platforms – Choosing Wisely for Success

Only a few years ago, the practical choice for online distribution was generally either to get your web developers to produce a bespoke solution or use an embedded video pulled in from YouTube.

Today there is an ever-growing choice of ingenious video hosting platforms offering a wide variety of added tools that can be highly valuable to your organisation.

These platforms all bring varying advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This might all seem somewhat daunting to navigate, but once you have prioritized your distribution goals, it gets a lot easier and you will be a long way forward in making the right choice.

Overlap with Video Production Goals

Some of your video distribution goals will be the same as your video production goals –  but the solutions will be different.

For example, if your goal were to establish your brand in a high-end market, during  the production of your video you would want extra time and care taken with the aesthetics of the camera work, sound recording and colour grading, in order to convey the high quality aspects of your offering in an impressive way.

On the other hand, when it comes to video distribution, you would be thinking about an alternative to YouTube, with properly managed encoding and embedding to ensure high quality play back and an elegant lay out, along with a tastefully configured video player using your own brand’s colours and logos.

Video Distribution Options – Some example Pros and Cons

NOTE: These are just a few of the issues relating to a few popular video hosting platforms. There are numerous further features offered by these platforms and many more hosting solutions to choose from.

As part of Blue Sky’s video release services, we can discuss the various considerations in more detail and make recommendations for your particular video distribution goals.


Vimeo Hosting for Your Website Video

Some Pros

  • high resolution video image – good for supporting the suggestion of a high quality and trustworthy product or service.
  • Customisable players – e.g. brand colours and logo in the video player – good for brand awareness
  • Offers the ability to create pay-per-view pages

Some Cons

  • No tools for video sitemap creation for better search engine results
  • No RSS feed podcasting and easy offline viewing on tablets


YouTube Channel Distribution of your Video

Some Pros

  • Second most used search tool in the world after Google so it can be very powerful in achieving wide exposure for your brand or issue (if managed properly!)
  • It’s free
  • You can create revenue from advertisements linked to your video

Some Cons

  • Often not great for driving traffic to your own website (again – if managed judiciously, these negative effects can be guarded against)
  • The famous YouTube red play button is such a strong brand in itself it can undermine your own website branding and have low-end and even amateur connotations that are inappropriate in certain contexts.
  • You cannot select the exact splashscreen you would like for your video thumbnail


VideoPress hosting with a Blog

 Some Pros

  • often achieves good search engine rankings owing to the associate high domain authority
  • allows effective keyword tagging of your videos and is also good for producing Video Rich Snippet thumbnails in search engine rankings
  • very affordable price

Some Cons

  • the video player carries a VideoPress logo watermark
  • You cannot customize the player with your own brand’s colours


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