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1. Get Noticed – Facebook video uploads are more prominent than posted video links

It’s plain to see that Facebook is out to promote itself as the ‘go to’ place to find engaging video, rather than competitors such as YouTube or Vimeo.

For this reason, Facebook favours ‘native’ video (video files actually uploaded to Facebook itself) by presenting them more prominently. From the screen shots below you can see that the video player splash screen for the native video is about 5 or 6 times larger than the splash screen for the YouTube video that has been linked to Facebook. On mobile phones the disparity is even greater, with the native Facebook video splash screen being around 10 times the size of the video splash screen for a YouTube link.

Very simply your promotional video is far more likely to catch attention when uploaded to your Facebook Page than when you’ve merely posted a link to a video sitting somewhere else.

Video Uploaded to Facebook

Boosted Facebook Video Upload

Video Linked to Facebook

Facebook Video Link Thumbnail
Featured video produced by Blue Sky Film & Media for the
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

2. Grab Attention – A Facebook Video Upload Will Play Automatically

Another reason your ‘native’ Facebook video is more likely to be noticed is that it will play automatically, as soon as it is offered up in the user’s newsfeed.

Thankfully, the default setting dictates that your video will play silently until someone actively clicks on the video. This is an important detail, as numerous studies confirm that the automatic launching of sound is one of the most widely hated online annoyances.

Nevertheless, the moving images in an automatically launched video are bound to grab attention more effectively than the static splash screen image that is produced when you post a video link to Facebook.

3. Reach Thousands with Your Boosted Video – No Viewer Intent Required

Of course, one of the obvious things to do with your video is to embed it into your website where your audience can see it. This works fine for potential viewers who know who you are and want what you offer. They will happily seek you out, go to your website and watch your video.

If you have effective video search engine optimisation (VSEO), even those who don’t know who you are, but are looking for your product or services, may still land on your website video.

So what’s the catch?

Well –  both these scenarios rely on intent in your audience. They have to know that they want what you offer and be intent on finding it to get to you.

So what about the big slice of your audience that may not have this intent? How do you reach those who haven’t even realised they might want what you’re offering.

This is where Boosted Facebook Video Posts come in. By uploading your video ‘natively’ to Facebook – and paying a relatively modest fee to ‘Boost’ your post, you can have your video appear in the Newsfeed of thousands of Facebook users. They don’t have to have ‘liked’ your page or be connected with you, as long as they have an active Facebook account you could appear in their Newsfeed.

Most of us need to be clearly motivated to spend time hunting for something we want online, but when we’re relaxing, browsing through our Facebook Feed – off-duty and off-guard – there are all manner of things bubbling at the edge of our minds that we would definitely consider exploring if they were pushed under our nose.

Right now  – a back massage deal, a mini-break somewhere in Europe, a professional development training course and investment advice would catch my interest. All these things are hovering on my ‘would-be-nice-to-do-list’ – so I’m ripe for a sell, but too time poor to go hunting for it.

4. Reach a Specific Audience – Boosted Posts Can Be Highly Targeted

When you create a Boosted post on Facebook, you are offered the tools to target a specific audience. For some markets this is incredibly powerful – you can define your audience by age, gender, geographical location and interests. This ensures that your advertising spend is used to push your video in front of an audience that is highly relevant to your aims.

Imagine you run a hotel that offers weddings; Facebook will allow you to present your video specifically to women aged between 25 – 45 within a particular radius of your venue. Likewise, if you were marketing membership to an exclusive wine club, you might target an audience over 35 years of age with a particular interest in food and drink.

5. Move Your Viewers Closer to your Goals

When using a boosted Facebook video, you are given the opportunity to create a prominent call-to-action within the video player itself. This will be shown at the end of the video and can be used to drive traffic to your website or on to another stage in your conversion journey.

Yes – you can include a textual link above an un-boosted Facebook video upload, but the call-to-action in a boosted posted is clearly more eye-catching.

Further Help

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Boosted Facebook Video Call-to-Action

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