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Technology and Industry Video Production

At Blue Sky we know that the industry and technology sectors require a particular ‘mindset’ when it comes to making video. Achieving a balance between goal driven practicalities and creativity is key. We never forget how tough these business sectors can be and strive to stay in touch with your audience’s viewpoint and your ‘bottom line’. From this foundation we create video that gets results.

That’s not to say we don’t have fun too and spot when a bold and original idea can produce ‘stand-out’ results for our clients. It takes wide experience to get this right and since our beginnings in 2000, we have worked with over 130 clients producing well-over a 1000 videos. When you choose Blue Sky you stand on the ‘shoulders of others’, drawing on our wealth of experience, ideas and techniques to ensure your video is a memorable success.

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What is Your Purpose?

Video for the technology and business sectors comes in many forms and has a wide range of objectives. At Blue Sky we have extensive experience in successfully producing video for a host of scenarios. These include:

“Have just shared this with the team to get some final comments, and we’ve had a fantastic response!! Apparently, so much better than anything that we’ve produced before… ”

Sophie Barry - Marketing Director, Imago Techmedia

“…all staff have now seen the video with an unbelievable response! In head office everyone broke out in applause at the end of the video, others were clearly emotional and the overwhelming feeling was being proud of what we have collectively achieved at Lioncourt.”

Colin Coles - CEO, Lioncourt Homes