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Social Care Video Production

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If you work in a social work or health care organisation, you will know how important it is to work with a creative team that takes time to understand the sensitivities of your sector and your customers. It requires a special approach.

At Blue Sky we are used to working with a wide range of  social care and healthcare professionals, children in care, the elderly at home, physical disability and learning difficulties, including ASD, Asbergers and ABI.

Adapting to Special Circumstances

[fusion_dropcap]W[/fusion_dropcap]e are known for being adaptable in sensitive circumstances and responding appropriately as the need arises; we regard it as part of the job, and this is why people choose to work with Blue Sky.

Our experience in the health and care sectors means we are comfortable filming in both medical and care environments, where science, technology and human emotion are so often intertwined within a single narrative.

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