Social Media Short Video

Social short videos are an excellent way to keep your online audience engaged and updated as part of your social media strategy. Typically between 10 – 60 seconds in length, a social media short video focuses on a single memorable message. They can serve numerous goals, including reinforcing your brand values, explaining your product, promoting an event or starting conversations with your audiences.

Routinely, Blue Sky will archive and tag all the footage we capture for clients on all projects, enabling clients to draw on their growing video library for later social media output.  This means that the material for a longer video can be re-purposed for ongoing social media campaigns, growing your brand awareness over time.

Manor by the Lake Hotel

30 Secs

Postsaver – Explainer

55 Secs

Carrie Reichardt – Artist

27 Secs

De Paul – Charity Appeal

31 Secs

Blue Chill – Product Promo

13 Secs

IFT – Training Promo

18 Secs

Everhot – Product Promo

40 Secs

Hazlewoods – Scripted Promo

59 Secs

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