Next Day Promotion

The IT Exhibition:  65 Seconds

IP Expo Manchester

This Day 1 summary of a two day exhibition, was shot in the morning, edited over lunch and released by the afternoon – on social media and in an email campaign. Used repeatedly by the client, this format has proved successful in driving up visitor attendance for Day 2 of the exhibition.

Increasing Enquiries

The Hotel:  20 secs

Manor by the Lake

The Manor by the Lake Hotel is a hidden gem within the regency town of Cheltenham – as one in a series of teaser videos, it was released on social media, to throw open the doors on the beautiful settings offered at the hotel. Our client reported a doubling of social media engagement in the week the video was released and a subseqent increase in enquiries.

How long?

There is a lot of debate around the question of how long corporate videos should be. Some social media gurus have declared that anything over 30 seconds is a dead medium, others swear by a longer form in many cases.

The truth is – until you’ve mapped out exactly what you are trying to achieve with your video – how it sits alongside your other communications – such as face to face encounters, print publications, other online content and the evolving psychology of your audience, it’s often too soon to say what the ideal video length might be.

A time and a place for everything

In life there is a time and a place for most things and the same applies to video engagement. What one person will happily sit through at an event or when browsing their tablet on a lazy Sunday morning can be very different from what they will stick with during a snatched lunch break at work.

Creating Anticipation

The Hot Tap:  30 secs


Produced to prime the audience for a longer product promotion video, this trailer deliberately leaves things unexplained to create intrigue and interest in the follow up promo video. Released on YouTube and Social Media, this trailer proved a powerful springboard in boosting the success of the subsequent full-length version.

Event Promotion

The Heritage Event: 83 secs

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Shot on the first night of a two week run of performances, this event promotion video was used to drive up visitor footfall for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust’s Christmas Light Show. An unusual event, combining light projection, acting and music – for the undecided potential visitor – this video gives a tantalising taste of the light show experience.

One size doesn’t fit all

Your audience has many moods, many contexts and many devices, when it comes to the way they like to consume video. So offering them the right length of video – at the time and place they are ready for it, can be the key to securing an on-going conversation.

Where short works

Even if you do decide to go for a longer form video – there is often real value to be had in making a short teaser or trailer video to drive viewers to your website to watch the full length video. After all, if it’s action that you want from your audience, rather than just general brand awareness, making sure viewers watch the main video on your website – instead of staying on social media to be distracted by cat videos –  is vital.

Increasingly, we are producing short teaser videos to hook audience interest. Given the deluge of digital media most of us are exposed to, a short teaser video is a powerful way to cut through the noise.

Pushed out in email campaigns and on social media, short teaser videos produce a variety of results. These include motivating your audience to visit your website to find out more, following you on social media, priming viewers to watch out for and take an interest in a forthcoming longer video and making your email content more exciting so they don’t unsubscribe from your list.

The benefits of teasers

Short teaser videos yield a variety of results, including:

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Creating new enquiries
  • Raising event attendance
  • Generating interest in a longer follow-up video
  • Growing social media engagement
  • Reducing email unsubscribes

If you’d like to discuss possibilities for your own short teaser videos, please contact:

01242 506422