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Education Sector Video

Blue Sky has been responsible for promotional, event and fundraising video for many well known schools, colleges and universities, including Roedean School, University of Oxford, Peak Academy, Sherborne School, University of East Anglia, Cheltenham Ladies’ College and more.

Blue Sky maintains a fully DBS checked film crew.

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What Is Your Purpose?

Schools, colleges and universities have diverse needs when it comes to communications and video is a powerful medium to ensure clarity and consistency in your messaging. Education audiences encompass a variety of perspectives including staff, students, parents and supporters. At Blue Sky Film & Media we have over 17 years’ experience in the education sector and understand the nuances required to strike the right chord with each audience. We have an extensive track record in producing a variety of video formats, ensuring we take the best approach for you to achieve your goals .

“We felt from the outset that the company really picked up on the essence of our school and, to our delight, the final film captured that essence entirely. I was also struck by the creativity of approach. This was not lazy filmmaking but bold and imaginative, with a care to make every part of the film work in its own right and yet cohere with the whole.
At the end of the process, we have been left with a film which we can send out to all with real pride and with a supreme confidence that it will boost our profile and reputation.”
Alistair Macnaughton - Headmaster, King's Gloucester