Rethinking Corporate Video - Lizard

It’s now almost impossible to ignore the growing importance of video in promoting businesses today.

YouTube is the second most used search tool after Google and research by CISCO predicts that 69% of all online consumer traffic will be video traffic by 2017. As we saw with websites, video is rapidly becoming an essential part of your marketing mix – and there are numerous reasons why.


Competition for Attention

Today we are bombarded with a vast choice of media 24/7 and often on multiple devices at once. With a few taps of a finger we have endless choices of websites, apps, podcasts and TV channels. Competition for time is fierce and attention spans are short. In this media landscape you must immediately hook your audience to stand any chance of communicating your messages.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, but given that video offers up 25 pictures a second, there is nothing like it for delivering an enormous amount of information fast. Within a minute or two, video proves highly effective in motivating people to find out more.

I’m not saying video can replace the written word. When your audience is ready, they will want the kind of specific information that is captured best in text.


Neuromarketing Insights

In their book Neuromarketing, the marketing experts Renvoise and Morin, present compelling research proving that the more primitive and emotional centre of the brain is much more in control of purchasing decisions than we might think.

It turns out that initial decision-making is strongly influenced by the following types of input.

  1. 1. Visual Contrasts
  2. 2. Ideas made tangible through a variety of senses
  3. 3. Messages that evoke emotion

Video is the perfect medium for quickly tapping into the brain in this way, using music, moving images, the human voice and more.

In a series of promotional videos made by Blue Sky Film and Media for Cheltenham’s Ellenborough Park Hotel, the comfort and beauty of the hotel is made very tangible. Enhanced by carefully managed music, lighting and camera work, this collection of videos evokes a vivid sense of the enjoyment and relaxation on offer at the hotel.


Corporate Video Today

Although some of us may still be scarred by memories of dreadful corporate videos from the 1990’s, complete with cheesy voice-overs and boring sequences dwelling on company history, the nature of corporate video has changed hugely since then.

There are now literally dozens of corporate video genres to choose from. This means companies can be very focused in choosing the right form of video to address a particular objective.

Yes – a classic introductory overview of your company will always be a sound option, but there are many powerful alternatives that produce results.

Popular forms include explainer videos – to demonstrate the workings and benefits of a product, a day in the life documentary– revealing the care that goes into your offering or an employee profile – to show off the passion and commitment among members of your team.

Motion graphics and CGI can also be used within video, providing inventive and accessible ways of explaining the inner workings of things such as a technical device, complex IT solution or medical process.

Equally, animation is ideal for communicating a vision for the future.

In helping Cheltenham Ladies College to successfully raise 12 million for their new performing arts centre, Blue Sky included a CGI sequence in their fundraising video to create an inspiring illustration of the benefits and beauty of the proposed new centre.


Search Engine Video Rich Snippets

Managed tactically, web video can have a strong influence on your Google search engine presence. Website videos can appear in Google search results as Video Rich Snippets. That is, with a thumbnail image of a frame from your video. Research shows, that Video Rich Snippets attract a much higher click through rate (CTR) than a standard Google website listing.

Video Rich Snippets can occur ‘naturally’ to a degree, but to be confident that your website videos will be indexed efficiently and in relation to the key search terms you wish to target, you need to submit a video sitemap to Google Webmaster tools. If you have an in house coder, they can produce the XML file required to do this, but there are now one or two video hosting providers that provide easy to use tools for you to do this.


Online Distribution

Only a few years ago, the practical choice for online distribution was generally either to get your web developers to produce a bespoke solution or use an embed pulled in from YouTube.

Today there is an ever growing choice of ingenious video hosting platforms offering a wide variety of added tools that can be highly valuable to your business. Pay per view gateways, integration with CRM systems, podcasting for offline play back – great for a roaming sales force armed with tablets – and email capture within video players are just some of the exciting tools that are available at a very affordable cost.

And then there is transmedia of course, but that’s for another day….