How to get a job in corporate video production

Here at Blue Sky, we receive hundreds of enquiries each year from people looking for work experience and employment in corporate video production.

We always give consideration to every enquiry we receive, but sadly, the vast majority of prospective candidates fail to present themselves in an attractive light.

All too often we see a lack of understanding of the needs of a real-world corporate video company and this means candidates miss the opportunity to show how they could be really useful to us.

So if you think a job in corporate video is for you, then follow this Blue Sky series on – How to Get a Job in Corporate Video Production.

Show You Can Serve Others

Don’t be too in love with your identity as a film maker

A corporate video production company is primarily a business that offers a service to others. Our first duty is to help the client express what they need to communicate for the benefit of their organization, caring about their business as if it were our own.

This means we need to be very adaptable in our film making – fitting the filming, narrative and editing styles to the needs of our clients – their audiences, their budgets and their own brand identity.

Of course, we always look for opportunities to bring new ideas and creativity to any project, but in the end it is not about us expressing ourselves through film or imposing our favourite style or techniques on the client.

Candidate Clanger

We often see employment candidates that are pre-occupied or even obssessed with a particular genre, look and feel. This is fine if you are making film for your own satisfaction or for a college or university project, but in the corporate video business you would need to be much more versatile.

The reality is that a corporate video company cannot afford to be too niche. It would be like saying “ We are an interior design business, but we only want to do blue rooms.”

Hot Tip

So make sure your video portfolio demonstrates a range of techniques and approaches – this might include a gritty short documentary, a fast paced montage led by high energy music and an elegantly shot and edited video produced to promote a stunning location or product.

Evidence of an interest in this sort of variety will make prospective employers sit up and take notice of your application. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet perfected your skills across these styles – it’s the fact that you’re experimenting with different approaches that matters more.

In addition, any evidence of employment experience in service to others will also go in your favour. This doesn’t have to be in video – it could be a job you had waiting on tables, working in an old people’s home or as a shop assistant. This shows us you know what it means to look after customers and to put their needs before your own. If you’ve been working for a brand we know has a good record in customer care – then even better.