Video Editing Footage Library

Stretching your video budget further

We were talking to a new client the other day, who was naturally keen to maximise their investment in video. One of the concerns was – how long the video was going to stay relevant to the organisation.

As a relative new comer to video as a medium, their thinking was borne from experience in print. Now we all know of stories where 10,000 copies of print hang around the office because the CEO on the inside cover has since departed, the product range updated – or heaven forbid there’s a typo on page 3…

What to do with these unwanted copies?  Bin them, recycle them? – Oh, and keep it quiet from the financial director at all cost!


There are no Typos in Video

Thankfully, video bypasses the ruthless finality of print, because updating your investment is typically a matter of retrieving your original video files, inserting fresh footage where required and re-mastering.

OK – you may well want to change the tone of your music track, and perhaps restructure your message too – but all this can be done very efficiently using current digital editing techniques.

This of course means that your story is never final – your message and tone can evolve with your changing business needs and even re-purposed for different audiences and viewing occasions.


Video – the ever adaptable medium

And this is where strategic planning comes in.  With care, you can build a video library that can provide a useful resource for many years.

We were recently commissioned to create an awards video for a national house builder. These annual awards acknowledge the successes of their apprentices over the past year. The film consisted of testimony from managers and trainers, as well as the apprentices themselves, to create an inspirational celebration at the event.

Three days went into the filming of this, so naturally, there was plenty of good quality material to choose from for the awards film.

But there was also plenty more good material that could be put to good use as part of a recruitment campaign or staff induction for this client – without the need to shoot a lot more.

We regularly have clients drop in to our edit facilities to go through their video library and see what footage is available for fresh video communications. It is of course unlikely that you can piece together an entirely new programme from existing footage – but delving through the library will often reveal useful unseen footage that can substantially reduce the cost of your next production.


Developing a Smarter Video Strategy

We advise clients therefore, to think ahead where possible and plan strategically, and in this way maximise their annual communications budget.

Each fresh film will almost certainly require bespoke filming, but can also take advantage of existing footage from their growing library.

So careful planning of your video releases can have a significant effect on your bottom line.

Who knows, the saving might even pay for those 10,000 wasted brochures sitting in the broom cupboard next to the finance department!