Short Teaser Video – The Long and the Short of it

Next Day Promotion The IT Exhibition:  65 Seconds IP Expo Manchester This Day 1 summary of a two day exhibition, was shot in the morning, edited over lunch and released by the afternoon - on social media and in an email campaign. Used repeatedly by the client, this format has proved successful in driving up visitor attendance for Day 2 of the exhibition. Increasing Enquiries The Hotel:  20 secs Manor by the Lake The Manor by the Lake Hotel is a hidden gem within the regency town of Cheltenham - as one in [...]

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Perfecting the Mix: Speech, Music and Imagery

Next time you are watching TV - and this could be anything from the news to a sitcom, a film or documentary – turn away from the screen and absorb just the sound for a few minutes. OK – so what have you learned? Now face the screen, turn off the audio and watch for a few minutes. Now what have you learned? The chances are you picked a lot more useful information through your ears than your eyes! Communication starts with Sound As a means of communicating ideas, for imparting concepts and creating understanding, audio is often by [...]

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Get the Best Value from Your Video Footage

Stretching your video budget further We were talking to a new client the other day, who was naturally keen to maximise their investment in video. One of the concerns was - how long the video was going to stay relevant to the organisation. As a relative new comer to video as a medium, their thinking was borne from experience in print. Now we all know of stories where 10,000 copies of print hang around the office because the CEO on the inside cover has since departed, the product range updated – or heaven forbid there’s a typo on page 3... [...]

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Video Distribution Goals – What are Yours and do They Matter?

  Although a lot of energy, creativity, skill and collaboration go into producing a great new corporate video, the day of its release is really just the beginning. Just as with the launch of a new website or the birth of a child, we expect you to be thrilled with your new video, but some careful nurturing and wise choices will need to be applied for it to fulfil its maximum potential as it goes out into the world. To make sure your video reaches your audiences and serves your goals, it’s important to think through your video distribution goals. [...]

3 Good Reasons for Short Form Video

Short Form Video Example - Foster carer recruitment video for Foster Care Associates I guess it’s a basic instinct in us all to go for more of something rather than less, when given a choice. After all, we humans have survived from securing extra resources for what lies ahead. More food, more water, more wood for the fire – we are more frightened of not having enough, than we are of having too much. But is it OK to let this instinct rule us when producing a video. Is a two minute video always better than a [...]

Ambient Video – Exhibitions, Shows, Gatherings and Celebrations

An ambient exhibition video made by Blue Sky Film and Media for viewing at on a show or exhibition stand. Blue Sky Film and Media is a producer of corporate and promotional video. We’ve all been on the receiving end of an over- enthusiastic sales person who can’t see that it’s time to stop talking – or for that matter, a video which is simply packed with too much information. At such times it’s best to forget about all the detail and consider ambient video instead. Video that uses the power of images and music alone - it could be [...]

Video, Trust and the Reptilian Brain

Many of our clients provide services or products that require a significant leap of faith from their own clients for them to commit to a purchase, donation or further involvement. This could be buying food - secure in the belief that it’s truly made from wholesome ingredients, entrusting their bodies to medical professionals - confident that they will not come to any harm - or something as everyday as being relaxed in the knowledge that the hard earned money they’ve spent on a leisure trip is not going to result in disappointment. In scenarios like these, evoking trust and allaying [...]