3 Good Reasons for Short Form Video

Short Form Video Example – Foster carer recruitment video for Foster Care Associates

I guess it’s a basic instinct in us all to go for more of something rather than less, when given a choice. After all, we humans have survived from securing extra resources for what lies ahead. More food, more water, more wood for the fire – we are more frightened of not having enough, than we are of having too much.

But is it OK to […]

Ambient Video – Exhibitions, Shows, Gatherings and Celebrations

We’ve all been on the receiving end of an over- enthusiastic sales person who can’t see that it’s time to stop talking – or for that matter, a video which is simply packed with too much information. At such times it’s best to forget about all the detail and consider ambient video instead.

Video that uses the power of images and music alone – it could be just what your audience needs most.Less is more

We are, […]

7 Essential Questions to Ask Before Commissioning Video

Video Production Shoot

What else can you show me apart from your showreel?

Don’t make any decisions based on a showreel – ask to see real world examples of finished production pieces for real clients. A showreel is made of nothing more than numerous selected bits of video stitched together to an emotionally charged soundtrack.

A showreel is purely designed to look great, (It may even include bought in stock video footage that the company […]

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