We’ve all been on the receiving end of an over- enthusiastic sales person who can’t see that it’s time to stop talking – or for that matter, a video which is simply packed with too much information. At such times it’s best to forget about all the detail and consider ambient video instead.

Video that uses the power of images and music alone – it could be just what your audience needs most.Less is more

We are, I’m told, bashed about the head with as many as 1000 marketing messages everyday. Now I can’t verify this – I haven’t counted, but judging by the amount of unopened mail in my inbox, I can well believe it.

But this world of ‘information overload’ can be turned to advantage. There are certain occasions when you can stand out from the crowd through the power of simplicity – when your brand values and personality will shine through with just images and music.

Ambient Video is good for –

An exhibition or show stand, where the main aim of your video is simply to make sure a visitor stops at your stand and stays there until someone is free to talk to them.

A meet and greet occasion where you need to create atmosphere or convey broad bush stroke messages.

The start of a conference or seminar – to set the tone and create enthusiasm for what is to come.

A foyer or reception area – to portray your culture, service offering or product portfolio.

When done well, your product range, brand values, and market positioning will all register subliminally in the minds of your audience and they will be primed and ready to discuss their areas of interest when the time is right.

Ambient video can be the most effective way of communicating your emotional selling point without the distraction of detailed messaging.

Excelerate – Exhibition Stand Video

Now ambient video doesn’t necessarily mean slow – it can be highly charged, as in the case of Excelerate’s exhibition stand video.

Excelerate is one of the world leaders in satellite communication technology for the emergency services. When disaster strikes, it’s Excelerate that is often responsible for the communications that matter  – that enable rescue operations to be deployed swiftly and effectively.

Excelerate is right in the vanguard of this technology, and the complexity of their offering cannot be communicated in a matter of minutes.

So as an exhibition stand showcase, we produced an ambient video, designed to convey the power and versatility of Excelerate’s products.

Hold onto your seat and take a look at Excelerate’s ambient video at the top of this post.

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