Short Form Video Example – Foster carer recruitment video for Foster Care Associates

I guess it’s a basic instinct in us all to go for more of something rather than less, when given a choice. After all, we humans have survived from securing extra resources for what lies ahead. More food, more water, more wood for the fire – we are more frightened of not having enough, than we are of having too much.

But is it OK to let this instinct rule us when producing a video. Is a two minute video always better than a one minute video? Will three interviews be more interesting than one?  Will six explicit messages give more value than three?

Well, of course – it depends. There are times, when a long – that means 8 – 10 minutes in corporate video terms – quite complex video, is absolutely right for your audience and your goals, but frequently, a short form video – think under two minutes  – is going to be a winner.

Short form Video works for Multi-taskers

Compared with 50 years ago, people generally have shorter attention spans. We rarely sit down to watch any kind of film with the same commitment we once did and this is particularly the case with online viewing.

We are bombarded with media 24 hours a day and frequently use more than one communication device at the same time. You might have a couple of web browsing windows open on your laptop, a mobile phone flashing up emails and a tablet stuffed with ebooks and podcasts that you want to dip into soon.

Given this media landscape, the competition for attention is FIERCE – with short form video you can be confident that more of your audience will stay with you right to the end – taking your entire message with them.

Short Form Video Knows that People are Different

Our ability to concentrate and take in information is hugely variable and it’s worth remembering that approximately 1 in 20 of your audience is likely to have an Attention Deficit Disorder – yes, really.

This is such a big slice of the population – and there are so many talented individuals with this condition – that some now view ADD as just a ‘normal’ variation of human nature.

Some eminent figures with ADD include –

Richard Branson

Justin Timberlake

Jamie Oliver

Bill Gates

Steven Spielberg

Bear in mind that although you might be happy to sit through longer explanations – especially when it’s about the work that you know and love – there may be many key figures in your audience who are not. Even if they don’t have ADD, a high proportion of your audience could be closer to the ADD end of the attention spectrum than you are.

The respected journal Psychology Today quoted research indicating that people with ADD are 300% more likely to start their own business. So beware – it might just be that dynamic CEO or talented individual that you want to engage with who gives up on your overlong video.

Short Form Video Gives You Better Feedback

One of the great advantages of digital marketing is that almost everything online is measurable. This enables you to quickly see what interests people and what doesn’t, giving you vital information for shaping your communications strategy.

Just like website traffic and social media engagement, video hosting platforms provide excellent analytics, measuring exactly what people do when they see your video.

Typically, you can see which videos are watched, how many times they are watched, at what point in the video the visitor stops watching and even which sections of a video are watched repeatedly.

These analytics enables you to use video as a market research tool. Invaluable, if your organisation has a range of offerings and is wondering which areas should be developed.

Imagine you are a hotel owner.  You could make one long video outlining all the wonderful things available at your hotel. But if you were to make several short videos separately addressing dining, spa facilities and corporate services, the video analytics would give you clear feedback on which areas are most popular or in need of better marketing.

But, don’t web page analytics tell you the same thing?

Yes, to a degree – looking at your web page analytics will give some indication as to what pages are of interest, but just because a web page is visited it doesn’t mean it’s been read. A web page may sit idling and ignored for many minutes.

However, with video you can be confident that if they played it then they surely watched it – playing video is hard to ignore and if they stopped it the analytics can show you exactly when they lost interest.

So, when thinking about your video strategy, don’t forget the opportunity offered by a collection of targeted short form videos.

Give a well defined subject to each video and you’ll be set to gather highly valuable feedback about your audience and their viewing behaviour.

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