6 02, 2018

The Number One Video Marketing Blunder

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Should I Put my Video on YouTube? We are frequently asked this question and the answer is … …Yes – BUT with a big BUT… The logic goes - YouTube is the second most used search tool in the world after Google, so it would seem a given that if you want people to find you, then you must have your video on YouTube? This is true, but it’s not simply a question of just ‘being found’ – you haven’t made a video just so that it is ‘found’. You’ve made a video to influence people’s behaviour [...]

1 02, 2018

How To Win Trust From Your Video Audience

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To Script or Not to Script ... That is the Question When building the trust and confidence of your video audience is it better to deliver your message through a carefully crafted script, or go for a more relaxed interview style? In part, this depends on the type of film you are making. There are projects that need precision scripting. For example, an annual report or health & safety induction video require an exacting approach - but ask yourself “Am I choosing to use a script because it’s vital to specify every word or because I’m frightened [...]