9 09, 2014

Perfecting the Mix: Speech, Music and Imagery

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Next time you are watching TV - and this could be anything from the news to a sitcom, a film or documentary – turn away from the screen and absorb just the sound for a few minutes. OK – so what have you learned? Now face the screen, turn off the audio and watch for a few minutes. Now what have you learned? The chances are you picked a lot more useful information through your ears than your eyes! Communication starts with Sound As a means of communicating ideas, for imparting concepts and creating understanding, audio is often by [...]

5 09, 2014

So What Happened to Video Rich Snippets?

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... and why video sitemaps are still important? Up until July of this year, if you diligently applied all the principles of good video SEO in managing your online video, it was highly likely that Google  would reward you with lots of eye catching video rich snippets. Video Rich Snippets looked like this: But alas, some time around the middle of July (2014) -  for all but the very biggest players, such as YouTube, The Guardian, Vimeo – those irresistible video rich snippets disappeared. So What? Well, research showed that video rich snippet images are very tempting to users [...]